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Simple and easy to use is the ethic beyind the SIMS system however you will find many features offered by the more complex solutions, just simpler! Take a look a the exhaustive list of features that are core to any Home, Small and Medium size business.

Intuitive & Welcoming User Interface

Simple by design with emphassis on minimising effort.

Print Invoices

Includes three professional templates ready to go.

Start Raising Invoices Straight Away

No need for tedius preconfiguring, new data is learned as you go.

Email Invoices

A doddle to setup, just copy your settings from Outlook.

Quick Start & Integrated Guidance Notes

The brief Quick Start Guide is all you need to get up to speed fast!

Fax Invoices

Fax directly from SIMS (assuming your fax software is installed)

Streamlined Data Entry

Aided by auto-searching, auto-incrementing clever inputs that learn

Post Invoices

In-built invoice templates are windowed envelope friendly.

Locate and Find Data, Fast!

Drill down lists allow you locate, search or filter invoices, customers.

Automatic Periodic Cash & Invoice Accounting

Real-time calculation of invoiced & banked totals per definable period.

Any Currency and Date Format

Uses MS Windows Locale settings so no configuration needed.

Configurable Sales Tax / VAT

Adjustable settings allow various tax methods to be calculated.

Support for Worldwide Currencies inc Euro

We can ensure your Windows is up to date to handle the Euro.

VAT / Tax Returns Calculated

Giving you the figures as they are needed to complete tax rerturns.

Product / Service Data Storage

Intuitive entry accumulates info as you go, so no teduis data entry.

Data Analysis Tools

The power to analyse historical data and highlight trend patterns.

Customer / Client Data Storage

Again intuitive data entry means no teduis data entry.

Graphical Analysis Tools

Simplify the data analysis even further visualising them as charts.

User Definable Fields

Expand flexibility further and define your own inputs then print them.

Support ...if you will ever need it!!

Email requests responded to within 24 hours plus an info rich website.

Professional Pre-defined Invoices Ready to Use

The included invoice templates ensure an instant professional look.

Cost Effective and Rewarding Upgrade Policy

Providing assurance for future releases, see Buy for more info.

Tailor Made Invoices inc Company Logo etc

Settings allow you to quickly apply your own company branding.

Proven History with a 5000+ User Base to Date

Global user base in over 30 countries is a testiment to our success.

Accurate On-screen Previews

View your paperwork as you would the hard-copy.

Robust, Secure and Fast Database Technology

Your data is crucial to your business, it demands the reliability we offer.

In-built Invoice Designer

The fully featured designer is an excellent tool allowing total control.