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Below are some video tutorials that will guide you through some of the features within SIMS.


Below are a list of our frequently asked questions. Click the question to reveal the answer. You can filter the FAQs using the menu to the left.

Q: Can I include my company logo on invoices?

Q: Can I install SIMS on more than one computer?

Q: How do I back up my data?

Q: How do I change the VAT / sales tax rate?

Q: How do I fax my invoices?

Q: How do I setup email?

Q: How do I turn off VAT / Sales tax?

Q: I cannot edit the data or change System Properties?

Q: I cannot see anywhere to enter my company email address?

Q: I have registered the product but my invoices still say Unlicensed

A: After registering the product you are now able to edit the invoice footer text and remove the ‘unlicenced’ message text – this is not possible on the FREE download version for Trial Use only. In SIMS, go to the System Management | System Properties screen and Click Modify System Properties from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Note: if you hold the mouse cursor over a button for 2 seconds a hint will appear detailing what the button does. At the bottom of the screen you will notice a blue bar called Invoice Footer Text (Standard for all invoices). These blue bars are roll-down windows which mean the contain information but can be rolled up to save space. To roll-down the Invoice Footer Text click the icon at the right hand side of the bar showing a little down arrow. Click in the box where the unlicenced text is and you may now totally remove or edit the message by selecting the text and pressing delete. Remember to save your changes by pressing the save button.

Q: Installer not working on later versions of Windows

Q: Is SIMS an accountancy package?

Q: My company does not charge VAT (Sales Tax), how do I disable it?

Q: Problem installing the product

Q: The currency symbol and formatting is not correct for my country?

Q: Where is my data stored?

Q: Why does Windows 8 say "Click an icon for the type of installation"

Q: Why is the trial version restricted?

Q: Will I lose my data when upgrading to a different version?

Q: Windows 7, 8 & 10 showing dollars ($) instead of pounds (£)